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1. Treat this card as cash. It will not be replaced if lost or stolen. 2. This card is redeemable for merchandise only at www.PrintedCoffeCupSleeves.com 3. Gift Card amount or balance indicates the amount which is previously stored on the card which can be used towards a purchase. If the purchase exceeds the amount on the gift Card the balance must be paid by the user while checking out. 4. The balance of this card will be reduced each time it’s used by the amount of that purchase. 5. This gift Card expires in one (1) year.  6. There will not be any fees to purchase our gift Card. 7. The gift Card holder may reload or add value to card. 8. For gift card balance, terms and expiration date, visit www.PrintedCoffeeCupSleeves.com . 9. Your use of this gift Card constitutes acceptance of these terms. 10. This gift Card is not exchangeable for cash. 11.This card is subject to the terms of the your gift Card program agreement. Visit our site www.PrintedCoffeeCupsleeves.com or call 408.230.6414.