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In this article, we will be reviewing & comparing advertising channels to each other. Furthermore, their cost versus their effectiveness. Ignoring advertisement is a common practice now by consumers as we all know. Also, we’ll also talk about how brand advertising leads consumers to buy.

In this article, we will be comparing current advertising channels to each other. Their cost versus their effectiveness. Most brand advertising is not viewed? We’ll also talk about how brand advertising leads consumers to view and buy.
Without any doubts, we all agree brand advertising works. The non-believers did not advertise using the proper advertising channels. Similarly, the rest didn’t run them long enough. A common mistake made by many.
Advertisers use the most common form of advertising as a shotgun effect. A couple of bothersome issues are the cost & being able to measure their success since there is no real method of tracking. This complicates the issue for the advertisers. Publishers claim staggering membership counts justifying their fees.

Missing information


Advertisers must look and find the missing information so they are able to make a better judgment. So channel 5 claims they have 700,000 viewers. But it does not mean they are all watching TV at the same time & or happen to be watching your ad. Some of the questions you need to be asking are: how many viewers are actually home at the time which your ad is running? How many are actually watching TV at that time? How many of them are actually watching the channel which you are running your ad? You’ll now notice that 700,000 viewers are now reduced down to 50,000 or less.


How many viewers actually will be watching your ad & will not be going to the kitchen for some food? As we all know most people don’t like watching advertisements. If there is no choice then they have learned to tune them out. I hope you are beginning to realize the questions which you need to be asking before placing an ad. The purpose of advertising is to capture as many audiences as possible. While keeping them interested for as long as possible.
The advertisers’ sign contracts without having all the facts. Leaving out the facts & data are common. Because there is no real way of measuring views. Besides, I am not sure if the rep would be willing to share such negative data even if these facts were available.

That’s like target shooting in the dark.

Other factors affecting results are:
Publishers publish to their own subscribers. Or they publish within a specific geographical location. Wouldn’t it be huge to be able to reach audiences far beyond these boundaries?
An example of what I’m talking about are billboards advertising which is in a fixed location or TV. Advertising which runs ads to a specific audience on a specific time/day in a specific location. Advertisers should advertise where the potential clients are. Opposed to running the ad in the place with limited exposure hoping the viewers see it. Same is true with newspapers & magazines where your ad is running to their subscribers. Yet within a specific geographical location.

The real news

So here’s the real news. The consumers do not like to watch ads.  Sorry. The truth is they run away from it. Brand advertising using our cup sleeves is much different. Consumers use our sleeves because they need to. They use our sleeves during the entire duration of time while they are drinking their drink.
Drinking coffee is a relaxing moment thus the consumer is able to read the messages on the sleeves. It’s difficult avoiding reading the messages since they are looking at it for 40 minutes. Day after day. All that said we can conclude cup sleeves advertising is much more effective than rest. Cup sleeves are a used daily because its a useful item. Cup sleeves find their way into offices, homes & many other places. Exposing many others to ads printed on sleeves. Sleeves are distributed anywhere our clients choose. The answer is simple. By using our cup sleeves, advertisers can choose a specific area(s) to build their brand.
Before running your advertising campaign, consider the following:
  1. Target a specific audience.
  2. Targeted location.
  3. Deliver your message at a time when your audience is in a relaxed environment so they can pay attention.
  4. Find a creative way of delivering your message.
  5. The longer you keep your audience & interested, will improve your closing rate. Think of a billboard where a driver has only 2-3 seconds to read an ad. Compared to our cup sleeves where the consumer is looking at our sleeves for 30 minutes. A no brainier.
  6. Cost. Be sure to do the math or refer to our other blogs.
  7. Cup Sleeve Advertising
Cup sleeve advertising is becoming more and more popular. Because people are realizing it has the has the answers to all the unknown. Coffee drinkers move the cup sleeves all around the city. Sometimes miles away from the coffee shop.
Cup sleeve advertising becoming more popular among 3rd party. Firms interested in advertising by using coffee shops as their distribution channels.
The process is simple. They supply coffee shops with printed sleeves ready for distribution. All printed with their unique message. Customers use it because it prevents them from burning their hands. While consuming their drink they will be looking at it for 30-40 minutes as well as exposing others to it. Repeating this process day after day. Talking about repeatability! A study at Washington University in St. Louis revealed that on campus students drink 9,000 cups of coffee a week. The average person will hold their cup for 53 minutes. Six people will see the sleeve and 65 percent of those people will remember the ad on the sleeve, the study stated.
Read our blogs about how to calculate advertising costs. How to compare cost among different forms of advertising. At the same time you need to consider & compare cup sleeve advertising by throwing into the mix.
In this article I’ve tried to prove the power of advertising. And show how important it is to select a correct way to advertise to get the message across.
Advertising with creativity, using imagination is unbeatable.
Get your thinking cap on and should you need any help feel free to contact us.



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