CA sales tax exemption Form

By filling out the CA sales tax exemption form allows all businesses in CA to buy cup sleeves from us for resale. Why pay sales tax? The process is simple. See below on how to submit your sellers permit. Buy without paying any California sales tax. But must submit a CA Resale Certificate. See below for instruction.

You can download a CA resale certificate form, fill, sign, scan & email to

Don’t have a scanner? CA sales tax exemption instructions or see below.

Download form at .

  1. You may need to download latest version of Acrobat.
  2. Open the downloaded form in Adobe Reader. Save it to your computer (desktop) and re-open the file which you saved.
  3. Fill in all Form Fields.
  4. Click the ‘Sign’ button.
  5. Place Signature by selecting the signature format of your choice.
  6. Click ‘Accept’.
  7. Save this signed & completed version to your desktop as PDF.
  8. E-mail the signed PDF as an attachment to so we can verify and exempt your account from sales tax.
  9. After emailing your form, select NO TAX option (in our shopping cart) as completing your order.