Mother’s Day Gift Card

$50.00 - $1,000.00

Give a mother’s day gift card to your Mom entrepreneur which you love. Help them to jump start (or existing) their business by giving them a gift card from printed coffee cup sleeves.

(Recipient will receive the gift card on selected date)

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Give a mother’s day gift card to a the best mother entrepreneur which you love. Help her to jump start (or existing) her business by giving her a mother’s day gift card from printed coffee cup sleeves.

This gift is not only unique and affordable but its highly effective in increasing her sales. Select your own amount for this gift card for whats within your budget. Your mother can apply it to any product which we offer.

Branding is an ongoing process. By you getting her on the right path and proving to her how well printed cup sleeves works, she can then continue on the same road to their success.

Here is how it works. She or yourself can locate a local non franchise coffee shop (independently owned) and give them the cup sleeves (which we just printed) for free, so they can hand out to their clients. They end up doing the distribution for your mom. It does not matter what kind of business your mom is operating. It is effective with any business.

If your mom owns a coffee shop then it’s a natural. They can use them for themselves much like the franchise coffee shops do.

Branding and advertising is an ongoing process and must never be stopped. Repeating adverting gets a brand embedded in people’s minds. When they are ready to make a purchase they will do so in the place which comes to their mind first. This should be your mom’s place. That is because mom and yourself have embedded her brand in their mind.

Continuous branding will sure get your mom on her way. Thanks to you for helping her get started.

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