Unique advertising ideas

Ignored advertisings which run on major channels are what we going to discuss in this blog. We’ll also talk about how to attract consumers to view ads leading them to buy. Also will talk about how to push our ads to consumers with the okay without violating their privacy. That’s powerful. Searching for unique advertising ideas? Printed coffee cup sleeves takes advertising to consumers.

Without a doubt most individuals agree that advertising works. Specially unique advertising ideas. The few might believe otherwise. That’s because they have not tried advertising through correct channels. They might have also not run their ads long enough. Advertising must continue to run in order for it to be successful. Advertising expense should be a fixed expense for each month. Much like rent.

Gunshot Advertising

Majority of ads running through common channels such as T.V. or newspaper are like a shot gun effect.
Typical advertising channels have two major downfalls. First of all they are not effective, because individuals have learned to tune out ads. Next reason is that they are far too expensive. They are expensive because they claim they have a high membership count.
Yet their conversion rate (number of views) turns out to be very low. They push ads to their members. Agencies charge the advertisers based on their entire membership. Even though a few might be watching. This is why their cost vs the number of hits are out of balance. Good examples of what I’m talking about are billboards which are in a fixed location or TV. Newspapers & magazines are other fine examples. If you ask for their rates the first thing they will tell you is how many members they have. WOW.
Look no further if searching for unique advertising products. Printed coffee cup sleeves are hand delivered to the consumer. Does not get better than that.

Unique advertising ideas

must be effective. How can it be effective? First of all it must stand out among all other ads. We need to be able to deliver ads to individuals even though we know they do not like to receive them. In this article I’ll be talking about how to push to individuals with their approval. I’m talking about consumers choose to take your ad to read. Ads pushed to consumers should take place where they are & in a unique and creative fashion. We need to take the ads to the consumers where they are. Unique advertising ideas achieving our goals are hard to find. Custom printed coffee cup sleeves is a true contender of an effective advertising. It’s unique, affordable & proven to be effective.
Since there are many similarities among most agencies we can talk about a few only. Most obvious is billboards advertising. They’ll provide you with demographics showing you 300,000 cars drive by the billboard daily. Based on that they’ll provide a rate. You need to read into their statistics on your own, because they will not tell you. Drivers focus on driving not to mention texting while driving leaving a no time to read ads. The few who notice the ad have only 2-3 seconds to read & comprehend. The point which I’m trying to make is that the data provided by the agencies tell only a part of the story. Advertisers must look past & begin asking the tough questions.

Collect all facts

Among a crowded area of ads, your ad will share the number of views opposed to having exclusivity. It’s simple, you get less views.
Magazines & newspapers are prime examples of such advertising.  That said if there are too many ads then they are all ignored.
Advertising channels are all for profit. More ads they sell more profit they make. It’s simple. They add pages to publications to accommodate more ads. You can reduce the number of the competing ads if you choose a unique way to advertise. This way your view ship increases, so your ROI improves.
Wouldn’t be great if we could take an ad to consumers where they are in a relax atmosphere? They can see the ad in relaxed environment without competing with other ads.

Ask questions

How about advertising on a useful product where people are looking at the ad day after day. It’s like promo products like pens & calendars where people look at the ad everyday. You will be branding every time you’re noticed.
I hope you are noticing the questions you need to be asking which would lead to picking a correct path for you move on.

Just remember

Before running your advertising campaign, consider the following:
  1. Find your targeted audience.
  2. Deliver your message at a time when your audience is in a relaxed environment. So, they can pay full attention while watching.
  3. Find a creative way of delivering your message to your audience.
  4. The longer you can keep your audience entertained the better opportunity for you to make a sale. Think of a billboard ad vs cup sleeves advertising. Billboard viewers having 3 seconds to view yet coffee drinkers 30 minutes. A no brainer.
  5. Cost. Be sure to do the math or refer to my other blog. Important. Come up with a cost per view & compare. You’ll see there is only 1 winner. Cup sleeves.

Coffee cup sleeve advertising

has become popular because it meets most of the requirements which we are looking for. Advertising on cup sleeves, your message will end up in someone’s home or workplace. Workplace or many other places.
You don’t have to be a coffee shop owner to be able to print on cup sleeves. You could be an attorney, insurance or a real estate agent & still be able to push your message by using cup sleeves. So here is how the process works. Print some cup sleeves with your message using printed coffee cup sleeves. Find a non franchise coffee shop wanting to receive & distribute cup sleeves free.
As a study at Washington University in St. Louis revealed. Its on-campus students drink an average weekly total of 9,000 cups of coffee. “The average person will hold their cup for 53 minutes. Six people will notice each sleeve. 65% of those people will remember what they see on the sleeves,” the study stated. A strong case exists that if a consumers is purchasing coffee from the same coffee shop over a period of time, their chances of remembering the ad increases.
It is obvious cost is a big factor in the equation. Read my other blogs. I will compare advertising costs among all advertising channels.

Power of advertising

In this article I’ve tried to prove the power of advertising. Demonstrating how important it is to select a proper channel to push your brand across. Advertising with creativity using imagination is is unbeatable. Printed coffee cup sleeves is one of the tip contenders in unique advertising ideas. It is an excellent alternative way of advertising. It offers everything which we we’ve covered in this article. Following are some points supporting a creative advertising.
  • It’s unique
  • Comes with proof of delivery
  • Delivered to a targeted group of individuals
  • Delivered in a specific geographical location
  • Cost per view very low
  • Pay as you. No long term contracts
  • Individuals read the ad for 30-40 minutes daily
So get your thinking cap on and should you need any help feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Ed Avakian




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