Brand and market by using a unique advertising medium

Branding and marketing ideas are all about being effective. Almost nothing else matters. Above all using a unique advertising medium will set you apart from the rest. Most effective advertising campaigns are through simple & creative forms of advertising. Furthermore one must advertise by using a unique advertising medium to be different than the rest.

A noticeable ad is an ad which stands out. Hope to be able to make my point in this short article. If an organization can’t find a unique way to advertise I would suggest for them to create and launch one of their own. Use your imagination & creativity.

Regardless of being a startup you need to brand & advertise from start to the end. Why you might ask? Because, it’s through constant advertising which you communicate to your clients. Another reason is to raise awareness of any changes in your business. Introduction of new products and more. Branding and marketing ideas through many channels all must convey the same message.
Logo is the most important part of branding. Because it describes you, your business, services and products hence you provide. Right down to the logo font and colors all must tell a story. What an advertising campaign should achieve is that when a consumer is ready to buy they’ll buy from you. Yet, you could consider that the sale is already made and will only be yours to loose (believe it or not).  Now that’s a successful advertising campaign. OOOOWAH. Always be creative & use a unique advertising medium to achieve your goals.

Unique advertising medium

Before committing to any sort of advertising you should consider the following:
  • Matching advertising channel to your specific business.
  • Budget.
  • Which advertising channel will reach your targeted audience.
  • Time which you might see the result. Short or longer terms. I would suggest investing in both areas.
  • Track & check each ad.
  • Alter and make adjustments to improve results.
  • Be patient.
  • Do not quit. Even if your ad produces no results for a while you must stay with it and continue. Because you believe advertising works. Unfortunately it does not work on your terms or time-line.
    Following are some typical advertising channels for your review used by most organizations. Advertising are be broken into 2 main categories (online/offline). Both have many sub-categories. So let’s get into to be mentioning a few:
  • Offline Yellow pages
      • T.V.
      • Radio
      • Print media
        • Newspaper
        • Magazine
        • Flyers
        • Postcards
        • Direct mail
        • Door hangers
        • Etc.
  • Online
    • SEO paid vs. organic (free) positioning
    • Email
    • Banners
    • Classifieds
    • Blogs
    • Articles
    • Etc.

Advertise to prosper by using a unique adverting medium

As we all know we need to advertise. Yet most organizations don’t. I’m involved in advertising for many years now, even before the existence of the Internet. I’ve heard a few common reasons of why organizations choose not to advertise. I like to share some comments with you. My wish is that we don’t get into and stay in the same molds.
  • We don’t have a budget allocated for marketing & advertising.
  • 80% of businesses start without a business plan. A business plan paves the road for a successful business. Though it may not guarantee success it will provide a solid path success. An entire chapter should geared towards marketing & funding it.

Here are a few more reasons:

  • I tried advertising once or twice and only 4 coupons redeemed. I spent $600 for 4 customers. So my answer to them was that you can’t expect to get your branded by advertising twice. Since it takes a long time brand, advertising must be an ongoing practice. continuous advertising must be . Sorry, but there is no magical tactic. Remember if it was easy then all businesses would do it and all would be successful.
  • Business is slow thus can’t afford advertising.
  • Do You wish to wait for the business to grow by itself so you can have some funds available for advertising? That could take forever if you are only relying on consumers to find you.

Is your business funded

First of all it’s most businesses suffer from lack of funds. With better planning they would not be. By putting emphases on marketing and advertising they could raise the funding needed. By offering fewer products at the startup they could shift part of the funds to advertising. That said whatever little the budget might be it must be spend on advertising. As I mentioned above there are many channels of advertising. The business itself should dictate which advertising channel would work best. A blend of some might work well. Advertising is all about getting noticed.
All the above channels of advertising are all over used. Because people have learned to get them tuned out. So I’m here to tell you to use your imagination and be unique by thinking out of the box. Spending money alone is not enough to get attention. It is about getting the message across to the right audience. That’s all.
So if you are in a startup or not do yourself a lot of good by developing a business plan. Begin your path to success following your business plan. Updating a business plan & fine tuning must be an ongoing practice. Remember running a business is much more enjoyable when it’s successful. Feel free to contact me with any question which you might have.



Ed Avakian

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