About Us

Our company main goal remains to assist our clients reach their marketing goals. After years of operating a successful printing business, my wife and I opened a coffee shop. We soon realized the importance of custom printed coffee cup sleeve branding and advertising. Also the issues associated with ordering short run custom printed cup sleeves. Some of the challenges faced us were, to lower the cost we had to order a large quantity. So this would meant we needed a large storage facility, as well as large amounts of cash. Using our past knowledge we developed a special cost effective way to print sleeves.
With this process of printing coffee cup sleeves we can now print short runs in a cost effective manor. We decided to share our idea with the rest of none franchise coffee shop friends. Having them enjoy the same benefits as we do. Advertise and brand much like the franchise shops without getting a loan.
Custom Printed Coffee Cup Sleeves are 100% recycled material & we use soy inks for printing. EnviroPros offers a flexible ordering process. You can order on an as needed basis or order once as an auto-fill and forget it! Auto-Fill streamlines your ordering process. So you order once, we print and ship month after month your desired quantity. Sign up on our Auto-Fill program & receive a 10% discount from our competitive pricing.


Likewise you are most likely using coffee cup sleeves already. Your clients have volunteered to push your brand and advertise for you daily, FREE. So for a few more cents per sleeve your brand and message can be all over the city. Displaying to thousands of individuals.
Instead of waiting for individuals to find you, your volunteers will bring them to you.
We would love the opportunity to serve and be able to make a positive difference for you and your business.
EnviroPros – The Best in Custom Printed Coffee Cup Sleeves!