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Custom Printed Coffee Cup Sleeves


Custom Printed coffee cup sleeves produced as low as 10.5¢ each. We offer the best service. We print in 1, 2 or more colors on both sides.

Our hi quality Eco-friendly cup sleeves contains high content of recycled fibers post consumer waste. We only use Soy & vegetable based inks for orders which require printing. Our manufacturing & printing facility is located in USA. Our products are shipped direct from our headquarters located in California.

Cup sleeves covers the printing on the cups so why print on cups?

Organizations looking for an effective way to brand & market their products. Custom printed coffee cup sleeves are one of the most effective yet affordable marketing tools available in the market for branding and advertising. Organizations push their brand using our cup sleeves with the help of their local coffee shops. Selected coffee shops become great distributors of your cup sleeves. Coffee shops can brand for themselves, others or both as partners.

Advertisers messages

are seen and heard loud & clear unlike anything else. Messages displayed to public through out the city. Based on several reports it takes an individual average of 35-40 minutes to consume their drinks. Most individuals drinking coffee, tea or some sort of a drink hot or cold several times daily. To display a cup sleeves in a public for 35 minutes attract many eye balls.

In doing a cost comparison we need to arrive to a cost per view which is an easy process. Outcome of the cost analysis will demonstrate our cup sleeves is the smartest way of advertising as it gives you the best return on your investment.

One would agree that’s getting a great bang of the buck.

Stand alone above the rest by using custom printed coffee cup sleeves for your advertising and watch your sales go through the roof.

Coffee Shops

to use own cup sleeves vs distribute for others. Blank or plain coffee cup sleeves simply does not increase sales like printed cup sleeves with a custom message does. For only pennies more why not print your custom printed coffee cup sleeves and allow your clients display your message all over town.

A second option available to coffee shops is that they can become a distributor for a third party and if the coffee shop decides to take this route they would distribute their cup sleeves printed with their messages and would receive the sleeves free of charge.

The best option however might be a partnership cup sleeves where the coffee shop prints own message on one side & the third party prints on the other side of the sleeve, in this case the cost is shared.

Contact us to discuss your advertising goals as we would love to be a part of your success because of the contributions which we are willing to make, so let us work together towards our common goals & watch your sales increase.