Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch 'n Smile™

Custom Cup Sleeves
 Complimentary Offer 1st order of custom cup sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™ is completely FREE. You’ll receive a coupon code worth $100 after your 1st order is placed, which can be used to purchase any product on our site.

What is Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™

Custom Cup Sleeves - Scratch ‘n Smile™ a unique tool putting all of your branding & marking on autopilot

Introducing Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™: A groundbreaking solution for coffee shops and businesses seeking to stand out. Our Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™ is more than just a tool, it cultivates a sense of community, strengthens branding, drives sales, fosters customer engagement, sparks social media conversations, and facilitates invaluable data collection for future marketing strategies. Discover the power of Patent Pending Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™ to redefine uniqueness and success.

JUST IMAGINE about our Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™

What if:

  • Your coffee shop developed its community where customers loved to visit and stayed engaged.
  • Your social media marketing was on autopilot & free.
  • Your coffee shop became the talk of the town.
  • You could increase your sales effortlessly.
  • You could collect customers’ emails to keep them up to date with your new products.

It is all now possible and much more with Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™

What comes in a Scratch 'n Smile™ Cup Sleeves order?
  • Package includes 60 sleeves of your sleeve order as Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™.
  • 50 sleeves are non-winners. You can include several winners in this package. You can choose the number of winners when checking out. These winners will be randomly mixed in with the 50 Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™.
  • The remaining 10 Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™ are sure winners which will be packed separately.
  • 1 reusable plastic container.
  • 1 special UV flashlight for identifying winners where there is a lack of UV light source.

Custom Cup Sleeves

What are the benefits of Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch 'n Smile™?
  • Customer engagement
  • Gather data (collect emails if you wish)
  • Your audience does the marketing for you by spreading the word
  • Depending on the prize you can test new products/drink ideas
  • Partner with other businesses for the prize to link up customer bases
  • Creating social media buzz
  • Upselling
  • Setting yourself apart from your competition by offering your clients a fun & different way of enjoying their daily coffee.
Custom Cup Sleeves

How to use Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch 'n Smile™

The scratched sleeve only shows up in sunlight or with the use of the special light provided in your package. The special light is used in the absence of sunlight.
Give away a gift to the winner whatever you wish. Small cup of coffee, pastry, fruit, or partner with another business to give away their gift. Endless possibilities.
We suggest having your barista hand out the 50 random Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™ when preparing the specialty coffee drinks. This encourages customers to purchase a specialty drink instead of regular coffee. 
Give away the sure-winner Custom Cup Sleeves Scratch ‘n Smile™ to a loyal customer as a token of appreciation. Give them to a potentially unhappy customer, someone who might have waited in line too long.
Once a winner is identified we suggest your employees make plenty of noise (perhaps using a cowbell or a buzzer) making sure the customers witness it so they can join in / posting the excitement. This will generate a natural social media buzz without any extra effort on your behalf.
 Custom Cup Sleeves