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EnviroPros' custom-printed coffee cup sleeves are priced as low as 11.7¢ each. Our hot cup sleeves can be printed with one or two spot colors on one or two sides. We also offer coffee cup sleeves printed in full-color, full-coverage option for more detailed graphics. We use soy and vegetable-based inks, and our coffee cup sleeves contain 100% recycled fibers or minimum environmental impact and maximum biodegradability. Our manufacturing facility is in Arizona, and all orders are promptly shipped from our manufacturing facility.  


EnviroPros is among the top custom-printed coffee cup sleeve providers. We are consistently providing unmatched quality & service. Custom Coffee Sleeves is most effective and affordable way to advertise on your coffee or tea-based products such as your custom-printed coffee cup sleeves. 

Organizations often market their brand using our hot-cup sleeves and will often partner with their favorite local cafe shops to distribute their Custom Coffee Sleeves.

Based on several reports, it takes an individual an average of 35-40 minutes to consume their coffee or tea-based drinks. Most individuals are drinking these types of beverages on average several times daily. Displaying hot-cup sleeves in public for 35 minutes. Makes it easy to arrive at a cost per view. The result will demonstrate that our custom-printed coffee cup sleeves are the most innovative and cost-effective advertising method.

Stand-alone above the rest by using custom printed coffee cup sleeves you'll notice a steady growth of sales.

Advertising on Custom Coffee Sleeves is the most affordable and affective way of branding.

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